Psychologists make a direct reference to past influences reflections through our future expressions and emotions; Manish Modi personifies this theory. Born into a family whose business of new paper has remained the main theme in all Manish’s paintings, its reflection is more than a statuarory nod at – NEWS PRINT & MEDIA- weaving it schematically through the characters he depicts.
New Paper or print media has penetrated our daily life so deeply that even a busy schedule, we normally snatch a few moments sharing space with this medium and using this idea Manish depicts various uses and abuses after the basics purpose of this object is served- natural recycling!
Hailing from a small town in North Gujarat, he acquired his diploma in painting from C N College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad, going on further to join the faculty of fine Arts, Varodhra - pursuing his master’s degree in painting where his language of expression was developed. Manish certainly shows a precision skill with his detailed works of newsprint art raising its use and abuse to the level an artwork in progression. For this recently he received the prestigious National Award from National Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
Internationally acclaimed Manish’s recent works have been acquired by leading museums, collectors and has shown through various international galleries. Dubai’s Majlis Gallery has hosted an earlier evening for this prolific painter too.

Manish Modi
Born on 30th April 1977
Diploma Painting from C. N. College of Fine Arts – Ahmedabad 1998
Post Diploma from Faculty of Fine Arts – M.S.U, Varoda 2000.

Images on images at Kanoria Centre for Arts 2002
30 Below 40, Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery 2000.
At Fine Art Gallery, M.S.U., Baroda 1998
Majlis Art Gallery – Dubai
Dubai: Majilis Art Gallery
A consular showing in U.S.A: Amrish Sheth
A Joint Exhibition with Ms. Carlotta- In Spain

Group Shows
Kala Ghoda Art Festival – Bombay 2002
Kala Ghoda Art Festival – Bombay 2003
State Exhibition of AIFAS, Ahmedabad 2000-2002.
Bombay Art Society Jehangir Art Gallery – Bombay 2001.
43rd National Lalit Kala Academy Delhi – Banglore 2001.
41st State Exhibition Lalit Kala Academy – Ahmedabad 2000.
42st State Exhibition Lalit Kala Academy – Ahmedabad 2002.
31 young artists of Ahmedabad, Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery 1998

42th State Lalit Kala Academy Award for Painting 2002.
43rd National Lalit Kala Academy Delhi Award for Painting 2001.
Bombay Art Society Award for Painting 2001.

Print Making Camp organized by Y. K. Sukla Foundation – Kanoria Centre for Art – Ahmedabad 2001.
National Lalit Kala Academy Delhi at Guwahati 2001.
Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra Lucknow at Deharadun 2001.
Samyojita Ayojit All India Painting Camp at Banglore 1998.
West Zone Culture Centre Udaipur Camp at Daman 1997.