Art evolves subconsciously, every time the muse touches the mind, reflecting itself through expression!

The child sculpting mashed potatoes, a woman artistically laying her table, doodles we sketch during boring office briefs, are all subconscious expressions of the artist that lies within each one of us.

Yet very few people have the formal training to recreate the imagery that dances in our minds. Some are even nervous, others cannot afford art training and some do not have access to leading artists who can help hone their talent.

These thought inspired us to gestate “An Artist Within” the region’s PREMIERE ART EDUCTATIONAL PROGRAM. Inviting INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS, partnering MEDIA ENTITITES, conducting FREE WORKSHOPS bridging talent with training.

Conducted by ARTIST & ART INSTITUTES from across the globe, An Artist Within is for professional artists as well as amateur artists who seek to hone their innate talent through education and extempore experimentation.

Rooms abuzz with activity, excitement simmered as participants uncovered different facets of their talent. People from different walks of life coming together to share spaces and exchange experiences, interacting innovatively inspiring each other’s talents as An Artist Within conduct five art programs.

Now as we launch the sixth in our series we have a deeper understood of regional requirement. Today it’s not just about Art; we realized that some of our performing arts programs have taught different ‘art forms’ –chiseling out confidence from within the Anime Cosplay Costumes UK participants.

An Artist Within’s accredits its success to Kanoria Center for Art for supporting us by hosting internationally acclaimed artists as our partners. Arabian Radio Networks our biggest supporters-whose RJ’s who help promote this project through their programs- Khaleej Times who have invited their readers to participate-all whilst supporting the artists.

Most of the leading publication and electronic media in U A E and India have worked to empower our programs. We thank Dubai International Art Center and Leaders Dance Academy who share their spaces, hosting our programs and the patronage of Dubai Shopping Festival for An Artist Within 5.0

Sony TeleLife has been ardent enthusiast of our projects; they have given us the opportunity to work with their event “Making Faces” .
A project that touched many lives and showed us difference a dedicated teacher like Dr Blossom Kocchar can make.