The Work Shops

Using a natural culmination of several art forms; each syncopating the other, Modi worked to capture the essence of newsprint and translated into timelessness of art.
Working with linear deconstruction & witticism, weaving in characters – drawing in an ode to paper boy routes & newsrooms – visual depictions filled with enthralling energy representative of this print medium Modi taught the artists how to recycle art.

* Art Interactive
Nurturing the synergy between mediums, techniques & forms; raising Newsprint Painting & Printing into fine art - through experimentation and exploration

* Art Expression
Intra-personal workshop planned for young adults - transformation of painting techniques meshed with crafts to create contemporary functional art.

* Media Interactive

Manish Modi drew inspiration from the ‘written word’ and ‘printer’s ink’. Layering this innovatively with his brush strokes he recreated a formal dialogue working with media editors of the region. He set but one rule; no pencils or pens allowed-Only those with imagination were admitted!
The results, over six regional editors are now qualified print art masters. Two others were seriously reprimanded for ‘discovering new ways of representing their CEO’s ‘artistically’!

* Visual Expressions
A gallery event, it was a showcasing for art lovers, collectors and aficionados where Modi’s select works were up for comment, critique and collectables.