The Art of Dance

Rooms abuzz with activity as “An Artist Within: The Art of Dance” tapped into another facet – Performing Arts. Sharing spaces, participants took on the challenge of learning how to dance under the international dance champion judge Simon Zoghbi.

South African dance sport champion Vivika Peterson partnered this process; bringing in her exuberance adding the zing.
This project targeted the region’s youth audience chiseling out their talent and tapping a new confidence. This project received an unprecedented surge of interest raising the dance form a cult status.

Four Day Intensive Workshops were divided into Elementary and Intermediate sessions. The Elementary attracted people who were introduced to the art form. The Intermediate Workshops trained dancers who were already into the art form and took this further.

At the end of the sessions Simon was so enamored by the level of regional talent- he awarded a special scholarship to two of the best dance artists of the sessions, who received private classes until they mastered the art.