The Art of Movement and Motion

Overwhelmed by the response – as 190 artists applied to participate in the first workshop ‘Art of Dance’- An Artist Within managed to train 80 of those who applied; setting a milestone and a remarkable precedent. In keeping with the requirement we decided to work on another performance art workshop- performance art workshops.
Once again over 200 participants applied and we worked with 105 participants. Developing individual levels for these programs, An Artist Within started with participants who had two left feet and concluded as they could put their best feat forward.

Co-hosted by leading print and audio media networks – Khaleej Times and ARN/DRN radio networks - this media synergy provided the project with an interactive spin and set a milestone! Leaders Dance Club and BLOCH provided the spaces for this youth community project.

Focused at meeting the requisitions of the media partners ‘The Art of Movement and Motion’ addressed the requisitions of both professional and amateur dancers in various disciplines of dance like –Salsa, Latin Dance and Ramba- the workshops were devised to ensure participants achieved a certain level of expertise in their chosen dance discipline.

Simon Zoghbi- was pivotal in this project too; sharing his talent with the commitment this true genius worked diligently and trained over 80 participants. A new cult for youthful art aficionados was formed; as well as an unflinching consumer loyalty card for KT’s younger audiences and ARN-DRN Listeners.