The Art of Making Faces

‘Making Faces’ completed the circle of convergence. Hosted by Sony Entertainment TV & Print Publication, this virtual Cinderella’s Saga commenced with a cross media search through TeleLife Magazine-a project launched for personality development of their younger reader base.

Aesthetics Holistic hosted the workshops; inviting international stylists and designers, models & muses, cosmeticians and aestheticians –from the occident to the orient to hone the talent within. The result -“The Girl Next Door” turned into a Cover Girl!
Blossom Kocchar - the leading cosmetologist - reputed for her professional training of several Ms Universe Pageants-created indivualized programs. The Fine art of Making-FACES’ was about drawing out a new face with just a few strokes from a palette, but training the participants on natural skin & hair care routines.

Leading designer, model and muse Tanisha Mohan rubbed her bubbly confidence and magic mantra into the contestants. Her super sensuality managed to infuse an aplomb and attitude in the participants. Soon their deportment and elocution improved as they learnt to walk and talk with confidence!

Christina Caparas a British trained professional danseuse stylized ramp routines and with her exuberance and tireless training, ensured the girls hit an inner balance as they fluidly walking down the ramp.

Sony TeleLife was the judge of our training progress. Under the camera lights our contestants held their heads haloed in poise, an aura surrounding their new personas, confidence chiseled through rigorous training that tapped the talent within- unveiling the “ Face of the Year’.
This program was truly exhilarating for most of teachers and participants. It was humbling to see our young participant’s blossom and evolve with their own energies.