Art of Maquillage -‘Brides of the World’

The most significant day in a girl’s life is her wedding-especially in eastern cultures- it is a much veneered moment. One of the most difficult feats is to ‘design the make-up & look’ for the bride. Balancing it in keeping with culture, attire, personality and contemporary cosmetic trends, is yet another feat that young brides have to accomplish.

Understanding the import of this event, Dubai Fashion Week invited acclaimed aesthetician Dr Blossom Kochhar- to set the trends for Brides of the World. As an advisor & consultant to multinationals brands Dr Blossom has in-depth knowledge on the evolving future of cosmetics and trends.

The exciting challenge for Dr Blossom was the diversity of expatriate cultures represented in Dubai’s population mix. Selecting four nationalities, Dr Blossom worked with cultural nuances required for ‘D Day of An Emirati Bride, a sub-continental bride, a modern bride and a western bride.

A hand-on approach that saw several people attends this showing at Bur Juman center and avail the expertise of Dr Blossom. This concept was put together by The Wordsmiths, under the aegis of Dubai Fashion 2005 and hosted by Bur Juman mall.