Preliminary Information

As we have evolved to reach our sixth program, An Artist Within seeks to invite artists from different walks of life to share spaces, exchanged experiences and train their inherent talent. ‘Brush Strokes’ will be partnered ( once again) by Kanoria Art Institute and the regions leading newspaper as we all create Fine Art workshop that will inculcate regional talent with the Fine Art of Sketching, Shading and Stroking, the Art of Print Making and Installation Art.

The Program

Conducted by leading young artists from the leading art institute of India- Kanoria Art Institute we seek to host a four- six day workshop, schematically structured to develop the individual levels of talents of 80-100 amateur and professional artists, in different genres of fine - sketching, shading, stroking, print making workshops– colloquially called ‘Brush Strokes’

Workshop Plan

Art Expression

Exploring process applied to sketching and shading, visual training in an intrapersonal manner by two artists who work with young adults to transform everyday expression with experimental technique.

Brush Strokes
A more advanced master class where fine art and merges it into inspirational expressions, as artist take on their brush strokes and create a canvas of color.

Print Making
This workshop teaches the art of newsprint painting and developing functional object d’arts. Taught by the leading artist from the East and West we hope to synchronize different genres of art- News Print Media and the Fine Art of Painting.

Stay Switched for the dates and workshop details – drop an email or register online so we can send you the final updates.